LawTrades believes in providing our clients with a better legal experience, which means we're always investing in building new and improved ways to support this mission. The Trust & Service fee helps us facilitate a broad range of Client support and operational matters.

What is this fee?

A 5% Trust & Service fee is added to your attorney's flat or hourly rate. Reimbursements will not be subject to the Trust & Services fee. You will see a line item on your proposal noting the fee when you start a project.

How does this fee impact what attorneys get paid?

The Trust & Service fee does not affect what a lawyer is paid. The Trust & Service fee is a distinct fee added to your proposal at the end of project or if there are any upfront fees (like mandatory filing

What does this fee support?

The Trust & Service fee helps LawTrades provide world-class real-time customer service, encourage trust in the use of the platform, and the ability to re-invest in a range of operational processes to improve the speed and quality of your work product. The achieve these goals we are creating the following:

The LawTrades Guarantee 

We provide up to a $10,000 (USD) customer service pledge for all legal work completed through LawTrades. When you use LawTrades, you can be assured that we'll be there if, in the rare event, something expected happens during the projects. We will be able to credit you up $10,000 to hire a different attorney on the platform. 

Continued investment in our exceptional Customer Support Team

Sometimes you need to communicate with a real person. That's why we have a team available to take your call, text message, email, live chat, Facebook Message, and more, around the clock. LawTrades is investing in the team, tools, training, and channels to support you in getting your legal project completed. If you prefer self-service on legal questions, we also building the world's largest legal knowledge to get you answers and support quickly - whenever you need it. 

Attorney Vetting

LawTrades Attorneys are amazingly qualified, educated, and dedicated to helping you get your legal to-do list done right. We ensure each attorney participates in a phone screening and web app orientation before their first project, and we are investing in new and novel ways to vet attorneys for qualifications and capabilities. We strive to provide a trusted marketplace where you can rely on us to get legal things done.

How does this impact the getting a free quote experience?

You can continue to request a quote as normal. After your attorney or project manager assembles a custom proposal for you, you will see a line item noting a 5% Trust & Service fee before you add a card on file or start your project. 

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