We're sorry to hear that you may have been incorrectly charged. If you do not agree with the total project price or the number of hours submitted by your attorney, please contact your attorney to try to resolve the issue. Most issues can be resolved by you and your attorney directly by communicating openly and professionally.

If you and your attorney cannot agree on the number of hours worked or total project price, please contact us. We're here to help you and your attorney have the best experience possible with every project.

Please remember that we process payment automatically either when the project is completed or 30 days after the project has started. If your card has been charged while your project is ongoing, expect that the attorney will continue to work on it until it is completed.

It's also helpful to define your expectations, budget, and schedule with your Project Manager or attorney.

Our Project Managers and attorneys are expected to estimate and communicate the total project price or number of hours expected to complete a project before beginning any work. We recommend that payment is discussed openly to avoid any confusion. 

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