One way we provide clients with a better legal experience is with our transparent pricing. One of the biggest complaints about the legal industry is its inflated hourly billing. That's why most projects on LawTrades are priced on a flat-fee basis. This way you’re aware of the costs upfront and aren’t surprised with an outrageous bill once the legal work is completed.

How are Flat Fees Determined? 

Since attorneys typically bill on an hourly basis, most flat fees are determined by the attorney's hourly rate x the estimated # of hours it will take to complete the project. 

Example: A 15 page employment contract. The attorney determines it will take them 1.5 hours to review and discuss the contract with the client. Their hourly rate is $250. $250 x 1.5 = $375 flat fee for the review. 

Are There Exceptions to Flat Fees? 

Yes. Our attorneys will charge hourly for projects that a time estimate cannot be provided for. Examples of these project types include litigation, office action responses, complex entity formations, and revisions/negotiations for existing contracts. 

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