In order for any promotional discount to be applied to your project, you must enter the promo code before you add a card to your proposal.

Please note promotions may have expiration dates and/or apply to specific projects or project sizes (like spending at least $500 or more). To apply a promo code, follow the directions below. 

Existing User

A promo code can be added on the "Onboarding" page when starting a new project. You can enter your promotion code by clicking the green check mark next to "I have a promo-code" before clicking the "Get Quote" button. See the image below.

New User

Sign up on LawTrades.

Receive a text message and answer some onboarding questions.

Mention the promo code to your Project manager.

Please note:

  • Promo codes will apply to the legal fees of your project, but do not cover filing fees or other expenses.
  • There is a limit f one promotion per project and each code can be redeemed once on each account.

If you were unable to apply a promo code for a new project, let us know. We'll review and make adjustments as necessary.

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